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Class Schedule
Number Base System 

18 October 2021

Lesson Content
*Conversion from one base to base 10
*Conversion of decimal fraction in one base to base 10
*Conversion of number from one base to another base.
*Perform basic operations on number bases


19 October 2021

Lesson Content
*Use of Logarithm table to perform calculations involving numbers greater than one
*Relationship between the characteristics of logarithms and standard form of numbers.
*Logarithm of numbers less than one - Multiplication, Division Powers and roots
*Solution of Simple logarithms equations.


20 October 2021

Lesson Content
*Differentiate between Rational and Irrational numbers
*Rules guiding the basic operations with surds
*Conjugate of binomial surds
*Application of Surds in trigonometric ratios of angles 30, 60, 45.

Matrices & Determinants

21 October 2021

Lesson Content
*Definition, order and notation of a matrix
*Types of matrices
*Addition and subtraction of matrices
*Multiplication of matrices
*Transpose of a matrix
*Determinant of 2 by 2 and 3 by 3 matrices

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