Top 5 Best Android Apps for Learning Maths

As much as we hate numbers, we can’t just do without them. Just when you thought you are through with your high school and college education you realize that numbers are everywhere. Whether you are an adult who wants to sharpen his mathematical skills or a parent teaching his kid math, here are some of the best android apps for learning mathematics

  1. Math Tricks - Published by Funny Mouth and Snakes and designed for those who want to learn interesting math tricks, you can use this app to solve mathematical problems and tasks much faster. It’s also helpful for those who want to master mathematical tables.Try it now!
  2. Math Workout - With Math Workout from Brain Training, your brain can get a daily dose of mental exercise and math drills that can greatly help boost your mental arithmetic. Since it has charts you can also track your past performances and progress. Try it now!
  3. Mathematics -With this app, you can calculate any formula and show them in 2D or 3D plot. You can also integrate or derive your desired function within a very short time. Try it now!
  4. Mental Math - Published by NixGame, this Android app can help you solve any mathematical problem paper free. It uses games to teach you how to master mental math. It also provides useful tips that you can use to solve difficult mathematics problems. Try it now!
  5. Math Expert - This app has been offered by Markus Ide and is a collection of formulas of physics and mathematics. The good thing about it is that it can easily calculate these formulas. Try it now!